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9 Steps to Your Best Family !

Nurturing Our Families is proud to announce
this newly published book by Kirsten Stellick
formerly offered online as
the Family Development Course

Previously offered only in an online format as the Family Development Course, author Kirsten Stellick now brings us this remarkable course in two different easy-to-use formats. Choose from either the spiral-bound book or the downloadable .pdf file.

9 Steps to Your Best Family shows you the first steps to having your best family. Designed to help you ask and answer the questions necessary to have the family you always knew you could, take the 9 Steps to Your Best Family today!

and now a sneak peak at Step One . . .

Congratulations! Youíre here. So now what? The start of anything new is accompanied by some excitement, a bit of curiosity and a certain amount of fear. The exciting thing about this new thing Ė 9 Steps to Your Best Family - is that you have decided to devote some time to being a better parent and having a stronger family. I know you are curious about what each step will entail - who wouldnít want to know whatís around the corner. Itís probably the fear part that feels the biggest right now.

Letís talk about that fear for a moment. Are you more afraid of the process or the outcome? Some moms and dads are really worried that going through the exercises and doing the steps will make them worse parents in the end. Others are concerned about having to do the exercises in the first place. ĎWhat if, when Iím done, Iím more messed up than when I started? What if I donít learn a thing?í

Well, what if you do learn something? Think about this. Even if you only learn one thing through the whole course, after doing all 9 steps, thatís one thing more than you know today. And even if you only change one thing in your family because of the course then your family is assured to live a different destiny.

There is a scientific fact that if a butterfly flaps itís wings on one side of the world, the weather on the other side of the world is altered. There is also a personal development fact that if you only alter one thing about yourself or your behavior, you are sent on another trajectory path. Learn one thing. Change one opinion. Do one thing different and your entire life is profoundly altered.

So instead of thinking about all the steps and exercises you have to do, think about finding one thing in each step that you can use to change how you are living right now. Find one small change you can make in your outlook or opinion. That makes tackling the process easier.

As for who you will be at the end and what your family will look like, I canít predict. But neither can you. Thatís life though. You canít predict who youíll be next week even if you donít take the steps. You and your family change all the time. Who you were last year isnít who you will be next year. Because each day you gain precious life experience, you change who you are.

Release your fears of the process and outcome in order to embrace the potential for yourself and your family.

Take this first step with confidence that you will only discover what you need to move forward. What you discover is part of being a more effective parent.

What are you waiting for?

Begin Here! . . . Begin NOW! . . . Begin Today!

Frequently Asked Questions - a conversation with author Kirsten Stellick

Q: How long should it take me to complete 9 Steps to Your Best Family?
A: There have been families who completed 9 Steps to Your Best Family in as little as 3 weeks. My suggestion is that you take as much time as needed on each step while still keeping your momentum. The book is designed to be taught as a course over 9 weeks when done in person. I see no reason to rush that established process.

Q: How many families have used 9 Steps to Your Best Family with success?
A: That's difficult to determine accurately as I have never kept track of the participants while developing each step. During formal classes there are usually 10-20 couples (families) using the course. 9 Steps to Your Best Family offers everyone the necessary tools, but ultimately, it's still up to you to make it happen!

Q: Is the book or download sold to groups or organizations?
A: Yes, 9 Steps to Your Best Family is available for bulk purchase by large groups, organizations and churches. To bulk purchase 9 Steps to Your Best Family click here.

Q: Are you available for speaking engagements on the course?
A: Yes, we do have a few representatives and contributors who are available for speaking engagements in North America. I am available on a limited basis, at reasonable rates. We can offer weekend workshops for larger groups and "lunch and learns" for corporations. Please contact Nurturing Our Families for availability and pricing information for your special events.

Q: What is your Returns and Cancellations Policy?
A: The returns and cancellations policy is established by the publisher, Lulu, and in summary is as follows:
“Books purchased through Lulu are printed as they are ordered. Because of the production expense of print on demand manufacturing, Lulu cannot cancel orders, accept returns or provide refunds on these products. If you receive a book or electronic file that is damaged in some way (missing, torn, or loose pages in books, etc.), we will be happy to provide a replacement copy. Please notify us through our online help form.” Lulu's entire Returns and Cancellations policy is available online at

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