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Our listing of national schedules is here to assist you in finding local offerings - to serve as a starting point.

Elaine Aron ~ Sensitivity

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    Linda Budd ~ Active Alert

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    From the Book:
    "Personal Message To Readers - A number of parents have found it useful to start active alert support groups.  To facilitate the sharing of knowledge about where and when those support groups meet, as well as provide information about parenting active alerts, I created The Active Alerter, a newsletter published three times a year, with fall, winter, and spring issues.  To subscribe to The Active Alerter, please submit a check for $5.00 to: Dr. Linda Budd, 2301 Como Avenue, Suite 204, St. Paul, MN 55108."

    9 Steps to Your Best Family

  • 9 Steps to Your Best Family - formerly the Family Development Course
    Previously offered only in an online format as the Family Development Course, author Kirsten Stellick now brings us this remarkable course in two different easy-to-use formats. Choose from either the spiral-bound book or the downloadable .pdf file. 9 Steps to Your Best Family shows you the first steps to having your best family. Designed to help you ask and answer the questions necessary to have the family you always knew you could, take the 9 Steps to Your Best Family today!

    Howard Glasser ~ Difficult Temperament & ADHD

  • Transforming the Difficult Child Workshops
  • Coaches & Therapists - Highly trained professionals provide office, phone or email sessions for people who are applying the Nurtured Heart Approach at home or in educational venues.

    Carol Stock Kranowitz ~ Sensory Processing Disorder

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  • Carol is the Editor-in-Chief of S.I. Focus, the international magazine focusing on sensory integration/sensory processing. This quarterly includes articles about therapy techniques, clinical breakthroughs, success stories, and in-depth interviews. For more information, see

    Mary Sheedy Kurcinka ~ Spirited Children

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  • Mary provides private in-person or telephone consultations for individual families. In one-hour sessions, she helps you to create a plan for success that truly fits your family.

    Handle Institute ~ Providing highly effective, non-drug, holistic treatment for learning, behavioral, and other challenges.

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