Nurturing Our Spirited Children
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9 Steps to Your Best Family Previously offered only in an online format as the Family Development Course, author Kirsten Stellick now brings us this remarkable course in two different easy-to-use formats. Choose from either the spiral-bound book or the downloadable .pdf file. 9 Steps to Your Best Family shows you the first steps to having your best family. Designed to help you ask and answer the questions necessary to have the family you always knew you could, take the 9 Steps to Your Best Family today!

Book Shop Resources to help you see the patterns ... put the pieces together ... and solve the puzzles...of life with spirited children.

Online Resources Looking for on-line support and/or information? The latest information on temperment-based parenting? The stories of other parents who are raising spirited kids? You'll find all that and much, much more!

Parenting Workshops Our listing of national schedules is here to assist you in finding local offerings - to serve as a starting point.