Nurturing Our Spirited Children
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9 Steps to Your Best Family Previously offered only in an online format as the Family Development Course, author Kirsten Stellick now brings us this remarkable course in two different easy-to-use formats. Choose from either the spiral-bound book or the downloadable .pdf file. 9 Steps to Your Best Family shows you the first steps to having your best family. Designed to help you ask and answer the questions necessary to have the family you always knew you could, take the 9 Steps to Your Best Family today!

Find Other Parents Looking For Other Parents of Spirited Children in Your Area? Here's the Place to Check! These parents/caregivers are facing the same challenges you are. Some are interested in starting support groups. All are interested in meeting other parents of spirited children to share experiences, ideas, and friendship either online or in person!

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

Words of Wisdom "What do you feel is the most important piece of parenting advice you can share with another parent?" These wonderful responses are from parents of spirited/high-needs children.

Parents' SK Description This inspiring and full of hope description of spirited/high-need children was written in Fall 1998 by the parents of Parent Soup's Spirited/High-Needs Children message board.

Expert Definitions A brief summary of what a four 'experts' (Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, William Sears, Linda Budd & Stanley Turecki) consider to be the defining characteristics or personality traits of our wonderful children. Each uses slightly different terminology and labels, but basically it's the same. I say 'experts' because I believe that the only true experts of our kids are US!! - we're each the expert on our own child/children. Note: This information has been summarized here for educational purposes *only*.

voices of inspiration & understanding.... These wonderful pieces were written by parents of spirited children and occasionally by someone more 'famous' who's words speak truth and understanding. Hear their voices reach across the world to touch our hearts.