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    Important Notes:

    1.  Information in "quotes" is quoted directly from the actual web page.  It has been included here for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY to give you a better idea of what that site has to offer.

    2.  Links open a new browser window, they do not change the page in this window.  When you're done reading, simply close the new window.

    3.  Please remember......YOU are the only true "experts" when it comes to knowing your child.  Not all the information you read about raising spirited children will "feel right" to you, not all will match with your families values and beliefs.   Take what is useful, nurture your own instincts, and FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

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    Related Parenting Challenges Information Resources

    Explorer Webstar:

     A community of "Explorers" who think Attention Deficit Disorder is a difference more than a disorder.  (A definition of Webstar).

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    Comparison of Common/Overlapping Traits:  How come my child's behavior/personality fits, in part, in so many categories?

    The following articles, charts and explanations illustrate the complexity and extent of overlapping traits found in the range of 'diagnoses' or labels challenging children may receive.  I highly recommending you read through each with an open mind, jump to NO conclusions, and remember, it's your CHILD we're talking about so nothing is cut and dry!  

    Attention Deficit Disorder ( ADD / ADHD ):

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    Autism Spectrum Disorders:

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    Explosive Children:


    Gifted Children:

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    Mental Health - includes Bipolar Disorder

    Pervasive Developmental Disorders ( PDD )

    See also Autism Spectrum Disorders


    Sensory Integrative Disfunction or Sensory Integration Disorder ( SID )

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    Other Parenting Challenges Information Resources


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    Pregnancy Loss:

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